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CryptoFarm7 was founded at the end of 2016. As our cryptocurrency mining company and its user base grew, new mining farms were built up and several additional people hired, specifically programmers and engineers. We specialize in GPU mining farms, however; we are ramping up expansion in ASIC mining with a partnership with Bitfurry. The Bitfury Group is the largest full-service blockchain technology company in the world. We are all strong believers in the future of digital currencies and the BlockChain! Our passion shows by the quality of the product we produce.
CryptoFarm7 uses a system to capture the best profitably by utilizing software that constantly analyzes each coin, pool, exchange in real time and auto switches our mining rigs to the most profitably coin to mine. Some days, we might mine up to 20 different coins because of volatility and profitability.

We are developers of Smart Contracts, Mobile Apps, BlockChains, Token Development, Cryptocurrency Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Mining Pools, Debit Cards, ICO Launch, Wallet Wallet Development, and much more!

Mining over 500 coins at our facilities

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